5 Ways To Protect Your WordPress Blog From Getting Hacked

5 Ways To Protect Your WordPress Blog From Getting Hacked

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WordPress being a very powerful blog publishing and a CMS tool like Drupal and Joomla, is used by millions of websites. But we are facing different situations and problems regarding its security issues as many weblogs and websites based on WordPress are getting hacked, especially the self-hosted version of it.

So here in this article, I’m going to tell you five effective and working ways to make your WordPress blog safer and secure. I can assure you that if you implemented these five protective measures properly, your blog will be safe from hacker’s attacks and you’ll never see black pages with green error messages like the one below:-

A Screenshot Of An Unknown Hacked Website

A Screenshot Of An Unknown Hacked Website

However, as new malwares and hacking tools are being made that’s why you have to focus on other minor things as well for better security and to avoid loopholes.
So, the five effective ways to secure your blog are listed below:

1- Keep Focus On Your Administrative Credentials Regularly
Once in a month, try updating or changing your passwords of both WordPress Admin and cPanel too. Never try to keep the same password for both sites and always create a password with mixture of numbers, alphabets and symbols. You can also use any random password generator to create a strong password for your account. Regarding your WordPress username, never ever try to go on with username ‘admin’. Hackers are very intelligent and firstly, they always try to type in the term ‘admin’ to check out whether the administrator is a FOOL or not! If your username is ‘admin’ and you want to change it to something else, go to your MySQL database and try updating username field. Always keep both of your username and password strong. Remember, the more stronger the credentials, the more stronger your account is in front of hackers.

2- Backup Your Whole WordPress Site On Daily Basis
Forget keeping backups of just your WordPress database, but now you need to backup your whole site regularly. This is because, hackers can inject malwares into any part of your site which can even damage your web server or it could edit or corrupt your written content too. Even if your web host keeps your regular backups of your site, try doing it yourself also to be on the safe side because, I’ve heard of many different stories of various people that, they their web host didn’t kept their old backups and all of their content got misplaced after their site got hacked! You can also use an awesome plugin known as BackUp Buddy to do all this work. You can simply schedule backup process for daily purpose and then you just sit relaxed.

3- Always Go On With A Superior WebHost
Choosing a perfect web host is really a bit difficult task for newbies. You can search for this topic on Google and could find thousands of articles written just on this matter. You would be thinking that why a large number of people are very non-compromised while choosing a web host as its just an easy task. But the reality says its not at all easy! You have to keep  considerations on each and every aspects and services a web host provides to its customers like, web space, bandwidth, database, server-side scripting, auto-installers, free domain, customer support and privacy protection. Many people are happy with HostGator which is a popular web host while some are good with DreamHost which is also a nice option. Those who can’t afford buying a cheaper and premium host are mostly find running their sites on other host which provides less features. It all depends on the services and features of a web host, but most of the things depends on your choice whether you want to take it or leave it.

4- Try Installing  A Security Plugin
When it comes for security, you can find hundreds of security plugins for your weblog. You’ll be confused that which one to choose because almost of them claim to be 100% effective against malware attacks. So after searching a lot and brainstorming, I refined two awesome plugins which could really help you to protect your blog. These two plugins are, Login Lockdown and Stealth Login. I’ll keep my eye on security issues and tools for WordPress and would inform you guys very soon about other security plugins.

5- Scan Your Blog Completely
As I’ve told you earlier in this post that hackers could inject malware and harmful material in your blog’s theme, plugins and even the core files of your blog. If you are running more than one site on a single account or server, all of the sites could get affected and damaged by the malware. So to ensure your blog issafe and secured, try scanning it regularly to track down any mishaps. For this, download and activate WP Scanner Plugin. Launch the plugin and test your blog.


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  1. Thanks for sharing cool tips.
    One thing i like to add is to edit your .htaccess file also.

  2. To secure your WordPress blog completely one should also use a secure and not easy to crack password for admin, cPanel and FTP. One should also secure the directories of the blog.

  3. i agree with both of you and will add them other time thanks for your precious concentration towards this blog post

  4. The worst thing about passwords is that they are so easy, here is a list of the 10 most common set of passwords. It is scary that people are using them.
    1. password
    2. 123456
    3. qwerty
    4. abc123
    5. letmein
    6. monkey
    7. myspace 1
    8. password 1
    9. blink182
    10. (your company)

  5. Your post is spot on. Security is crucial.That’s very useful indeed.It would be a disaster to lose a website after months or sometimes years of hard work.

  6. yup you have rightly mentioned about details here are few i know always keep your admin page with different URL, connection to client side (commenting,login etc) should be kept with enough human activity like CAPTHA, checkbox or random answer more over should try to use SQL injection tools to find out your own site vulnerability :)

  7. getting blog hacked is biggest nightmare & u r tips will help me to be protected……

  8. As you said getting blog hacked is indeed very unfortunate and it is better to be safe than sorry! Back Up buddy I am sure will be indeed a good buddy since no one would surely like to lose hours or days or years of hard work! I will also keep in mind your advice on creating a strong password and going for superior Web hosts…thanks once again!

  9. So far i have not installed any security plugins. Frankly, I am not aware of it. Now i install scan and security plugins. Thanks for information.

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