6 Things You Must Keep In Your Mind to Become a RockStar Blogger

6 Things You Must Keep In Your Mind to Become a RockStar Blogger

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There are so many things that you learn in your journey to become a successful blogger, But I try to figure out here things that you must keep in your mind initially to kick start this journey of yours to rule this blogsphere. Though I do not consider myself a RockStar Blogger or an A-lister but that dose not make any difference if I know what are the things that makes an average Joe to become a RockStar Blogger.

  1. Your Blog design is your personality.
  2. Your Unique Visitors are your friends in need.
  3. Google is your GOD.
  4. Social Media Site is your stage and its users your audience.
  5. Your Advertisers are your Venture Capitalist.
  6. Love your List.

Your blog design is your personality

It reflects your personality; it shows many things about you. One can have some idea about the person by looking at his blog design. It matters how neat and clean your blog design is or how much messy it looks. Even the color tone is a “reflector” of your nature, my spider man friend Zac johnson has this detail study on Judging a blogger’s personality through various color themes on their blog. And if you have blogroll in the sidebar it means you respect and reward your idols, friends and mentors. It also reflects how much and what sort of things you like to read on blogsphere. It says all, from where you belongs.

So you must care your blog speaks about you in true ways.

Your Unique Visitors are your friends in need.

SO what would you like to do in return, you must understand that they are the once keep on visiting your blogs regularly, wishes you on your success, console you when you are sad, and inspire you to achieve what you always dream. You must pay them visit to their blog, help them when they are in need and cultivate your friendship, encourage them for what they aspire, appreciate them and always response on their valuable comments on your posts. Keep them intact and along in that journey of yours to the top.

So you must identify your unique visitors and “pampered” them.

Google is your GOD.

Worship Google like you worship almighty,  Always wish that large amount of your visitor should be from search engines, specially Google, So you must write on your blog to to fetch some new readers from Google, ( read this post by buddy Neil Patel to know how you can optimize your blog for search engines).

So you must try to trap Google, please it, screw it, fool it, do whatever you want but make sure Google look at you with a smiling face.

Social Media Site is your stage and its users your audience.

Represent in various social media sites as “Key Note Speaker”. Rub shoulder with big boys of blogsphere, make new friends, impress them with what you have got, Help them if they need you, “Digg” their wish, stumble upon their writings, FaceBook their feed, tweet their stuff, Linkedin their contacts and YouTube their cooking. Build a list increase your followers and jump into discussions.

So you must participate actively in social media sites and convince some new friends to visit and look what you are doing in your blog.

Your Advertisers are your Venture Capitalist.

These are the guys pouring money into your PayPal account. It’s fueling you to blog. It’s very hard to make them “induced” to sell ads to you and keep renewing every month, but you got to manage it. Tell them what is in there if they advertise, sending reports about clicks would be a better idea. There are software help you manage this.

So you must try hard to sell private ads on your blog and make sure if some advertiser advertise then make sure he stay with you for the long time.

Love your List

In a recent post John Chow who has a strong subscription base of nearly 35K e-mails subscribers reveals that how he has made US$ 4000 in a single day with the help of e-mail marketing for promotion a blogging training program. Is there any need to quote any other example to show you how powerful are your e-mail subscription list? To help you here is one article which can help you build this list.

So you must build a strong subscriber base.

Picture Courtesy : Lloyd budd

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Enjoyed the post Shanker!

  2. RockStar Blogger ?
    While using blogger.com Or WordPress Or own Domain ?
    I am using blogger.com because I do not have money to invest on either of two.
    Possible ?

  3. sorry, i think google is not God but the created by God creation :)

  4. Although it’s a little bit overhead, but you’ve the points here, Shanker!

  5. Shankar,

    Nice tips… Thanks for the post.

    PS: i made some changes to my sidebar and would like your opinion. Please check

  6. Reasonable tips for newbies. I enjoyed reading this post, thanks!

  7. nice post , Where do you get your images from ?

  8. Well if you’re posting just to get money all those posts are valid. There are however people who post just for the passion – they don’t care about ads, google or social networking – they have a small, loyal group of followers and that’s all they need.

  9. These specification and steps are definitely help us out for being a rock star, I would refer it to my friends too.

  10. Using blogger.com because I do not have money to invest on either of two.


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