[Adsense Tutorial] Placement of Ads

[Adsense Tutorial] Placement of Ads

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If you wish to Make Money Online with Google Adsense then you must understand one thing, ad placement is very important factor in deciding how much you will be earning through AdSense.

It should not be like you register with Google AdSense program and place ads where ever you feel like.  The ads should be place where they can get maximum clicks. Like it is important in any other form of advertising, the same law applies on Google AdSense ad placement. Location of ad is very important factor and you should take care about it.

In this post I’ll try to explain where on a page or post you should place your ads and why.

[box type="important"][A] Text Ads or Image Ads [/box]

We generally recommend text based ads, the reason is simple text based ads do better then image based ads.

Please note carefully, if you want to go with Images based ads then make sure your site should have very few graphics and images around it, this is the only way you can get attention to the only image flashing in your AdSense ad.  If your site is filled with many images, chances will be more that your image ads get ignored by the readers.  The other factor which works is that if you have lots of text dense around then the image ads get immediate attention. ( sometime people refer it as a Visual Relief)

[box type="important"]Where should you place the ads?[/box]

If you place ads as close to the top of your blog post the chances of your ad getting noticed by the readers will be more. Placing it just after the post title would be a great idea as it is the next thing a readers notice straight after the post title.

There is NO argument on the fact that the ads placed on right hand side of your site content works better, so it would be wise to place ads on the right side of your content areas. The reason for this is pretty simple, in most of the language people reads from left to right, and chances are that they may notice an ad on right side where the content text ends rather than a ad place on left side just before the start of content, as they can visually ignore the ad when they start reading text next to it.

If you wish to place big “skyscraper ads” you should and you must place it on the right sidebar.

[box type="important"]Do not place many ads on HOME page[/box]

Unless your site has a Magazine style theme. The reason is again very simple, visitors coming from Google or other search engines lands on a post page or a category page which contains the information they were searching on Google. Home page is mostly visited by readers coming from referral sites like facebook and visitors from referral sites usually do not clicks Adsense ads. You can check the pattern of traffic on your website using various tools.( I will explain about these tools some other day). You should place your ads on most accessed area of your website.

Hope this will help you place your AdSense ad on the right spot and get maximum benefit out of it.

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  1. well i like this post.. Really this tips helps in making more money in adsense.. Im already doing few tips above. Getting $6 daily. Thanks for your Post Bro :) Keep sharing…

  2. That’s really valuable tips sharing here about adsense. Recently updated Google Panda updated and that time most of websites ranking got down for content quality and adsense placement. Thanks for tips. It will be helpful for all.

  3. I try different adsense ad size on my blog and use different channel to see how much I get from certain adsense ads..

  4. Nice tips and very effective one also. adsense ads are very important and trying them with different sizes is also important to know which one gives you better result.

  5. For me the placement that works best is the placement of ads right below the title and above the content. They seem to get a good clickthrough rate as of now.

  6. Good tips indeed. Following Adsense newsletter and sucessful publisher’s ad placement strategy helps in earning more from Adsense.

  7. Good tips indeed.

  8. Absolutely amazing post. As recently I got approval of Google Adsense account it will be very helpful post for me. :)


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