How To Import Your Youtube Channel To Your facebook Fan Page

How To Import Your Youtube Channel To Your facebook Fan Page

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Video is the next big thing, If an image speaks a thousand words then imagine how much impact a video have.  a while back I talked about how you can create online shop on your facebook fan page. Today i going to tell you about a cool facebook application that help you import your youtube channel to your facebook fan page. Please understand I am talking here about your fan page ( which are different from your user profile page, fan page usually create to promote websites, business products and services)

Inserting your entire Youtube  is now very easy. facebook fan page application creators Involver has created an application which help you import your youtube video channel into facebook fan page. It Deliver video directly to your social networks by incorporating your YouTube channel as a tab on your Facebook page.

The Involver YouTube App makes it easy to deliver video directly to your social network by incorporating your YouTube channel as a tab on your Facebook page. The YouTube App also provides an interactive forum where fans can comment, share, and subscribe to all your video content. Bring YouTube to Facebook and expand your online audience and brand connectivity through viral video.

Here is the screen shot of my facebook fan page Youtube Channel

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Head over to install Involver Youtube application HERE

Youtube Channel on my facebook fanpage

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  1. That’s a really cool discovery! :) It fits my needs perfectly.. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Maryland Accident Lawyer says:

    Hey, that’s cool. Well, I’ve seen some of my friends facebook profile, integrating such tool on their page. I thought, it could be just a click on facebook’s setting. I’ll update mine later..right after work. That’s a great way of sharing cool videos on my account on youtube. I think I’ll enjoy it too. Thanks for sharing. By and by, I’ll go back to check on with your updates.

  3. Hi Shanker,

    Pretty amazing find right there. This is going to promote more how really important facebook can be for everyone’s offline and online businesses.
    Posting youtube video into your fan page can make a huge impact on driving more traffic to your site.


  4. that’s a pretty good thing that anyone can import youtube channel. a better way to increase sales

  5. I hope involver works out for me!

  6. A very cool Facebook plugin that I’ve yet to see.
    The potential for increasing customer and Fan relationships as well as ‘stickiness’ is increased too.

    Thanks for reminder, Shanker, of the importance of video and how to easily do this using existing YouTube and Facebook technologies.

  7. Ryan Johnson says:

    There is a facebook app called “Cueler YouTube” ( that is similar to involver but also AUTO-SHAREs new content from a channel to a facebook page. Just like Involver, it also adds a TAB to the page with all the videos from the channel, plus allows search specific just to the channel…

  8. Really cool man.Thanks for sharing this!

  9. cool Facebook plugin!! thanks for sharing

  10. Great post Amit, However I couldn’t find any link to the Importer tool you mentioned in the post. How to locate it?

  11. Photos to Canvas says:

    I have made a fanpage, for my site alone.. and I think integrating youtube on my account is great. I’ll get more traffic if ever I’ll have that for my page. Got lots of cool videos I uploaded under my account and so as to Facebook’s Youtube integration…hat’s good to hear. Thank for sharing.

  12. Awesome tip Shanker, I was looking for something that would make my Facebook page special and Involver has done the trick but helping me add my YouTube channel as a tab. Thanks!!

  13. I’ve already tried youtube on my fan page. Thank you for sharing your ideas on how to work this plug-in. Having like this post will surely make awareness to many readers like me on how to put youtube on facebook. Thank you so much.

  14. WOW this is great post and I added it to my fan page and I love it – it really was easy and even wrote a post on my blog – giving you credit :) thanks

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  15. Thanks for the info. This application will be a big help to market my video on you tube.

  16. I use that cueler youtube app too. Even made a video on how to set it up.


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