List Of Blogs With Top Commentators Widget

List Of Blogs With Top Commentators Widget

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You like my do follow blogs list, so to help you gain more quality back link I’m giving you another useful list. This consist blogs with Top Commentators Widget installed. You know get quality back links from these blogs. All you have to do is to make enough comments on these blog and get include yourself top commentators list. As I told you here this is the best method to get peer back link from some of the best blogs of blogsphere.

What is Top Commentators Widget?

If you still don’t have any idea what this list is talking about then go and read this post here.

Please Do Not Spam Comments

Blog with top Commentators Widget provide you a backlink, Right, but I request you while making comments on these blog please do write relevant and subjective comments  and don’t just spam by saying “Good Post” or “Great Post” to jump into Top Commentator’s List

Let me include your blog in the list

If you had Installed Top Commentators Widget on your blog and want me to include your blog in the list then please do request me to include your blog in the comment form below or just write in to me at I would love to include your blog name here, also write in to me if your blog is in this list and you want me to exclude your blog.

WordPress Top Commentator Plugin

If you wish to install Top Commentators Widget on your WordPress blog then there is this very useful and most trusted Top Commentators Widget which you can download.



[1 to 10]




Affiliate Confession





Amor’s Blog





Benjamin Patton












Best Web Image





















Entrecard blog









Hinlalato blog



Home Remodeling Bids


IM blogger






Inspired Affiliate




Jim Karter

John Chow







Life is Colourful


Link building bible

Linkers blog

Lemback Potpourri Blog


Marketing Pilgrim





Marketing Business Review





Niessuh Blog





One man’s blog


Op tempo

Otooo Blog






Pixel head online






Retire @ 21




romandock dot com


Search Engine People


Shankrila tech blog

Sharat Jaswal


Silent Bits


Sly Visions


Stand out blogger


Shanker Bakshi dot Com


Some Extra Pennies

Steve D’Agostino


Tech Sagar

Tech Treak

Techie Buzz


The blog entrepreneur

The net fool

The University Kid







Top iPhone Resource

Tyler Cruz



Unlock the online world






Winning the web





Zac Johnson

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About Shanker Bakshi

Shanker Bakshi is the founder and editor of Net Profit Mantra - How to Blog with WordPress and Make Money Online. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter , Facebook, Google+ .


  1. renantech says:

    wow top commentators are very patient making comments all the time..

  2. Wow you might have me beat her Shanker. I have always claimed to have the largest list, but this might be more. Props for your tireless

  3. Instead of sorting them out in alphabetical order, why not arrange them via page rank?

    If you insist on sorting them in alphabetical order, how about showing their last known paged rank beside them?

    • First i want to give it in Page Rank order, but you know deimos how fast google changing page ranks. I don’t want to give my readers any counterfeit list (I have seen many lists which are not updating with each page rank update by google). So better to put them in an order which I can keep updating from time to time. I hope you will appreciate my efforts.

      • @Deimos:I think Shanker has done his part. If you want to include the PR and reproduce the same list on your site, you can always liaise with him. Otherwise, I see no point in including a varying parameter like PR.

    • Also remember that Top Commentator is a site wide link in most cases. For example, on OpTempo this means a PR0 up to PR6 depending on the page. While most of the time the index page has the highest PR this isn’t always true. And, as Shanker mentioned, PR isn’t a constant but changes every few months.

      Oh, and thanks for mentioning OpTempo in your list Shanker.

  4. Hey bro

    Mind to add into the list?

    I agree with Deimos, you should arrange it in Page Rank order. After all, that’s what everyone is aiming for…


  5. Thanks for including the Extreme Ezine Shanker. Great list.

  6. Hi bro, thanks for your list. I agree with Deimos too, you should list in by rank. but, I appreciate for your list, maybe I’ll visit each site. Thanks

  7. Thanks for the mention; this was a lot of work, so I appreciate it.

  8. Claps but…

  9. Hi Shanker,

    Thats an awesome list, can I be included, I have the widget.

    This is my link


  10. Ahh.. Glad I made it to this list! Thanks Shanker and well done for sharing with your readers. =)


  11. Glad to see I’m on the top of the list. Woohoo!

  12. Hey, I made you list, that’s pretty cool. Thanks for noticing me. Could you by chance change it from “romandock” to “romandock dot com” though?

  13. Wow dude, you’re tireless huh. LOL… Anyway care to add to the list? :)

  14. I think it´s really a super idea, because it gives commentors some recognition for posting good, appropriate posts! It´s a really nice idea to install it.. it definately is a good way to give something back to the commentors on your blog, to say thanks for their efforts and for reading! The list was a brilliant idea as well – I´m sure it´ll be used a lot!

  15. Wei Liang | Earn Money Online says:

    Great effort in compiling the list. Thumbs up for that and double thumbs up for including mine into the list =)

    Wei Liang

  16. Hey, my website has the top commentators widget, can you add me to the list? Great list btw, going to go through it.

  17. Thanks for including me in the list Shanker. It takes a lot of effort to compile the list. Kudos!

  18. Wow, thanks for the list

    I really appreciate you taking the time to compile it.

    Great job


  19. And yes no spamming.

    If done correctly, blog posting can shower you with links and pagerank.


  20. Didn’t realize I’m on the list too, thanks Shanker

    Nice list too! Gonna bookmark this and start spamming – oops, I mean, start commenting!

  21. Thanks a lot for putting frogstr on the list!

  22. Hey thanks for including me on your list! Good work dude. :)

  23. Neat list Shanker , thanks for linking my site

  24. Hello Shanker,

    Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it very much!

  25. Great share!!!

  26. Thank you for including me on your list!

  27. Man, I actually made it on a list. I always admire people who take the time to do this sort of painstaking research, and I admire them even more when the data includes one of my blogs ;)

  28. Thanx a lot for the list Shanker. I have two questions:

    * Is it possible to install this widget on blogger.

    * I changed my blogger blog to “do-follow” and a few days later changed the template. Has my blog become “no-follow” again?

    I would also recommend comment hunt dot com. It is a search engine for do-follow blogs.

  29. Shankar, thanks for including my blog in the list. I will check out the other blogs in that list.

  30. Once again another creative idea coming out of Shanker Bakshi dot com, well done.

  31. Hey Shanker!

    – take an eleven for effort on this one. I just found my BizBlog ( on your list and want to thank you for including me and for the time and effort involved.

    I agree it is better to preserve accuracy by NOT showing the PR – wouldn’t it be cool if we could have the PR displayed and self updating? – Oh Well, dream on……….

  32. Thanks for including Let’s Sermo in the list, Shankar!

  33. This is why I hate list. You included clubblogger, but I didn’t see any widget on his blog. Or is he editing his blog theme.

  34. Amazing list! :)

  35. Hi Shanker. Thanks for the list. I am really amazed of this plugin. Now I gonna try to install it in my business blog. Thanks a lot.

  36. googling top commentator find you and you served the list, thank you Shanker

  37. Count me in too !!

  38. Please add ScionNews.Net to your list of sites using the Top Commenators widget. Thanks!

  39. Great work! Have just installed this plugin, so you might want to add to the list

  40. Thanks for the list.

    I think you should sort them based on their Pagerank … Just my 2 cents …

  41. Hi Shanker if you are still maintaining the list please add my blog its a PR2 at the moment. I also do not mind keywords in the name field. Have a great week!

  42. Great post and cool site

  43. Keep up the good work bud.

  44. well done

  45. WOW.. could just imagine the hours you put into this list.
    A simple thank you couldn’t possible be enough.. nevertheless.. thank you.

  46. Thanks for share friends..:)

  47. Hi Shanker,
    Great list! I hope you will consider adding my site to your list too:

  48. Hi Shanker,
    I have another site I would like you to add:
    As you can see, I just installed it, so for now, one post will get you listed!

  49. Hi Shanker,
    Okay, here’s one more to add to your list:
    I also just installed it on that site as well, so one post will get you listed!

  50. Hello Shanker..
    This is an awesome list of top comentors saving one tons of valuable time ..Thanks a bunch!..

  51. Thanks Shanker to putting the list of these blogs

  52. I know my site has no page rank yet, but c’mon people, one post will get you on the home page of and!

    3 posts will get you on this site:
    .-= Heating Cooling Seattle´s last blog ..13 Step DIY Furnace Installation Part 13 of 13 =-.

  53. Appreciate the list and i wont Spam around i promise :D
    .-= Tech Buzz´s last blog ..Apple iPod Touch 32GB =-.

  54. Great list, very helpful and a huge time saver. Thanks a lot for putting such a list together.

    If you find the time, could you please also include my blog to the list?


    .-= Home Business Reviews´s last blog ..Presell Secrets X Bonus =-.

  55. Shanker,

    I appreciate your putting a list together for this. Do you find that people try to spam your comments just to get a piece of your TC spot?

    My blog is now also a “Top Commentator” blog as of a few minutes ago, so you are more than welcome to add me to the list if you like (up to you).

    Please, though, if anyone wants to leave a comment, just be sure to add value and not just spam!
    .-= Steve D’Agostino´s last blog ..“Revealed: The Secret Listbuilding Tactic Of The Gurus” =-.

  56. hi,

    my blog use also top commentatore plugin, can u put it on the list too ??

    Thank you in Advance
    .-= GDI Blog´s last blog ..How to attract lots of targeted traffic to Affiliate sites =-.

  57. Shanker update the list almost 60% blog removed top commentors widget

  58. this is really an informative article. please give me suggestions regarding this .thanks for sharing.
    .-= Link building´s last blog ..Link building services =-.

  59. thats a long list. but many sites are not using the widget, so the list needs to be updated.

  60. Wow this is a great list, thanks for sharing it.

  61. I just reinstalled the Top Commentators plugin.

    Everything should be good to go.
    .-= Michael Henry´s last blog ..Quote of the Day =-.

  62. Wow this is a great list,

  63. Please add these two blogs in your list. I have sent an e-mail to with the same request.

    1) Travel n Tourism

    2) Essay Blog


  64. Ahmet ATR says:

    I liked this plugin it will be very usel for me to install this plugin.thank you

  65. wow such a great list, a plugin for this would be good, but yeh much appreicated, thanks!

  66. This is such a great list and top commentators is the best way for backlink works, wish more of the bloggers would have this widget. Thanks Shanker

  67. I was wondering what was the search query for this ..

    is it [Top Commentators]

    .-= john´s last blog ..sinking in the feel of love =-.

  68. Thanks for the post I will visit all the blogs and I will send a comment for everyone.Will it be really useful for the pagerank?

  69. Hi my blog is also PR3 and I’m using this top commentator plugin please add my site to your list.

  70. I just installed “Top commentators”. The site is:

  71. Great list. Realy it will help bloggers to get more comments and more reader and as being reader get FREE backlings. Good cooperation from both side. I encourage bloggers to install one in their blog. Me also have added top commentator widget.

  72. Thanks for sharing this list it will be really valuable for the SEO of my blog… :)

  73. Great list. Realy it will help bloggers to get more comments and more reader and as being reader get FREE backlings. Good cooperation from both side. I encourage bloggers to install one in their blog. Me also have added top commentator widget.

  74. hey amazing post shanker.Thanks for the list

  75. joanas horde guide says:

    this is so cool. awesome list thou really appreciate it.

  76. Well its great to found this extensive information. You provided resources, plugin and opportunity to expand list. Such stuff are very rare on the web. Please continue provide such more stuff related to all offpage submission. Also Me want to be top commentator for your blog and one suggestion to you. To stop spam in your blog and get regular commenting add “Top Commentor on monthly basis” so in this way every month you will get comments and spammers will not comments lot at once :)

  77. Thanks for sharing these valuable links..

  78. Good to see a new post finally, even due a bit off topic

  79. You can add mine to your list my friend! : )

  80. thanks for the list , copying it was a little tricky …



  81. you saved my , almost 2 months of work in collecting that huge list … btw are all of they dofollow ??


  82. It is good to have Top Commenter plugin on your website because we can rewards the commenter and same time generate some unique conten for our blog. My web hosting don’t support WP that make me couldn’t install Top Commenter on my site =)

  83. Even my blog has it :D

  84. Very nice list, I have already trying on some of them, Bloggers should use such plugins on their blogs, it encourages the community to grow more rapidly. Thanks.

  85. Hi
    I must to make the big thank for you.
    Are your list update?
    If it “yes” I will keep bookmark this page.

  86. Thanks for taking the time to put up this list. While some of the top PR sites no longer use the plugin, I still manage to find some decent PR sites among them.

    It would be great if you can continue to update the list on the regular basis.

  87. Thanks a lot for the list. I’ll be checking out a lot more of your posts in the future. Good stuff!

  88. Its a real good way of offering your commentators!

  89. Hai there.i have that widget too in my personal blog..hope you can include it here too

    thanks a lot..and this is a good idea..

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