Net Profit Mantra Now Powered by HostGator VPS Hosting

Net Profit Mantra Now Powered by HostGator VPS Hosting

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Before I start saying anything, I want to thanks Ajith Edassery, a friend of mine and an excellent blogger and affiliate marketer, who suggested me and convinced me to gear up Net Profit Mantra with VPS hosting. He also helped me analyse how we can speed up page loading time. One important thing which I learned during last couple of weeks is that site loading speed makes hell lot of difference in traffic and Google indexing and PR. Just couple of weeks back, I switched my shared hosting on HostGator to VPS ( Virtual Private Server), and I can see clearly the difference in comments and traffic coming to this blog. Hopefully this trend will follow and I’m sure in next few months I will take this blog to its place where it was a few years back. :)

What is VPS Hosting and Why it Matters?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is a system where physical servers partitioned into several virtual machines to provides the power and functionality of a high-end dedicated server.

  • A Virtual Private Server will give you dedicated CPU and RAM and will not share them with anyone else.
  •  It functions like a separate physical computer dedicated to the individual customer’s needs.

So it’s clear why one should prefer a VPS hosting service over the shared hosting. A shared hosting is where the many websites reside on one web server and each site is placed on its own partition on the server. A VPS hosting is always recommended if you need your site to load fast with a separate dedicated server backing it up without sharing CPU and RAM with other customers.

Usually a high end virtual hosting service comes with following features;

  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Sub Domains
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Databases
  • Off Site Backups
  • UNLIMITED FTP Accounts
  • FREE Site Builder Software
  • PRIVATE Name Servers
  • FULL Root Access
  • FULLY Managed cPanel or Plesk
All the above features clearly define why should pick a VPS hosting especially if you are a professional blogger serious about turning your blogging and affiliate marketing business in to a big venture. (I wish I could have it from the beginning) but as they says better late than never.
Why you need a faster loading Site?
It’s not a secret anymore, every single web developer and internet entrepreneur knows that speeding matters a lot to you and to Big Daddy Google. Last year in April 2010, Google officially announced it that they prefer, love and pamper fast loading websites over dull and slow loading  pages. Here are excerpts from Official Google blog which will explain the whole point  in more convincing way;
Speeding up websites is important — not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users and we’ve seen in our internal studies that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there. But faster sites don’t just improve user experience; recent data shows that improving site speed also reduces operating costs. Like us, our users place a lot of value in speed — that’s why we’ve decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings. We use a variety of sources to determine the speed of a site relative to other sites.
So to “please” Google, it’s compulsory that your site should be loading “lightening” fast.
How to check Site loading speed?
There are several tools available for testing site page loading time. Following are some of best tools that you can use to check and analyse your site page loading speed.
Moreover, you can also see your site loading performance in Google’s Webmaster tools central. My personal favorite among them is This will help you understand in detail about page size components and performance under various factors plus detailed page analysis. Here is my Net Profit Mantra performance on Pingdom;
How to improve or optimize page load speed?
Opting for a VPS hosting doesn’t always  mean your site will start loading fast the next moment, you also need to optimize it. Actually there are few other things that you also need to make good. My last theme was not optimize from the point of view of page loading speed. So the first thing which I did after shifting the site to VPS hosting is to change the design with a theme which has minimal graphics and images. The idea was to reduce the gigantic 1.6 mb page size. Removing thumbnail images from home page speed up page loading but it also takes away the attractiveness of a website. Let me explain further what are the important aspects that you should work on to gear up the page loading time;
There are three things that you must note from the image above;
Request : The number of HTTP requests made to load the page, these requests are the HTTP calls for images, javascript, and stylesheets. In my case number of requests comes to 54 which is fair enough. better if one could reduce the number between 30 to 40.
Page Size:  The other important factor is page size. You must keep it under 1 mb. Best  to keep it around and under 500 kB. In mine case it is 413.1 kB which is fair enough for a good speed page load.
Load Time: If you can manage the couple of things mentioned above it will automatically reduce the page load time. A page load time of  1 to 2.5 second can be consider (for me at least). It means still there are few things which I need fix in the current theme.
How to reduce Page Size?
The best way to reduce page size is the reduce the size of images by optimizing. If your theme uses timthumb.php for auto thumbnail then you can reduce the size of thumbnail images by reducing the image quality in timthumb.php file. By default the the quality is placed at 75%. We can do this by keeping the quality around 30 to 40 (“q=3o”) It will help you reduce the image size ultimately resulting in a reduced page size.
Tools for optimizing image for website
There are couple of tools available that help you reduce the size of images without much affecting its quality.
Here are some of them;
With image optimizer, as shown above, you can reduce image size significantly without loosing its quality. I have decided not to upload any image without optimizing it for web.
The idea is to keep the page size low so that the page could load faster. Removing unnecessary images and graphic on home page will do the trick. If your site theme has a big header, try and optimize it with tools mentioned above and see the difference in site loading speed.
So to attain a good site loading speed
- A VPS hosting service, preferably from HostGator. You can trust that they actually create a partition on their physical server and do not share your CPU and RAM with other customer.
- A well optimize WordPress theme, preferably Elegant Themes, as they work a lot of loading time of their theme.
Share your site page loading experiences in comment below, plus share if I missed something important related to page loading speed optimization.
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  1. bilal@cheapdesignerhandbags says:

    wow congratulation to you on this very own success step

  2. Hey the Image optimizer site is cool, thanks for sharing

  3. Hey Shankar,
    Congratulations on the VPS move and more than that glad to see you reducing your page load time drastically by cutting the home page size from 1.5MB to one third of that. It loads pretty fast now.

    And yes, it reduces bounce rate gradually and also results in more engaged users.


  4. Hi Shanker,
    My load time was too high, I did get 5,40 sec so I have to work with my page now. Thanks for the link to;

  5. That’s a good news mate. HostGator VPS is really cool, I would have used it for HBB, but KnownHost VPS was on my list before, so moved there. :)

  6. Hello Shankar, first congrats on buying VPS. However if you say buy VPS over shared then i must say it hardly do something different what you want. Instead shifting to VPS we should directly shift our web content to Dedicated servers. If you ask why then try VPS to host your niche sites say 50 of them on VPS and it will affecta lot but in case of Dedicated it will handle easily. However as mentioned above you described VPS is never shared then i would say you are wrong at that VPS is shared with other sites hosted at that server.

  7. Great. I read this blog on deli bases. I really feel that your website speed is improved and it is loading very fast.

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