Never Stop Experimenting and Trying New Things

Never Stop Experimenting and Trying New Things

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After all these years in Internet & Affiliate Marketing the biggest mantra that I have learned is that one should not stop experimenting new things and keep on trying different things.

The logic behind this is pretty simple, you never know what will work best for you. Sometime you underestimate yourself and then one day you realize that you can do certain thing like no one else can do. It is just like you were unaware about the best in you.

Once I wrote about some 35 ways of making money online. You can’t say which one will work for you until you’ll try some of those ways. You can be better than me in some ways the only thing is that you had never tried it.

Out of those 35 ways of making money online that I explained, there is no shame in accepting the fact that I miserably failed in most of them, but you what, some of them proved and worked magnificently. Affiliate Marketing by building mini niche sites, and promoting affiliate products are couple of ways that proved successful. And to build a big online business you need to succeed in only few of them. You can’t master everything, but you have to find out in which of the way you hold a master degree.

So my mantra is to keep on trying and keep on experimenting new things ( almost everyday)

Tell me in comments below how many of you believe in the same philosophy.

“keep on trying different thing and stick to the one which works”

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  1. Nice Shanker. fully agree with you that trying different thing is very important because sometimes these experiments straight you towards the right path. as you did an experimenting the change from ShankerBakhsi to Profit-mantra. how this experience going Shanker?

  2. After reading this post I switched to your 35 ways of money making and nice to see that all methods are quite achievable.

    But sometime people need some kind of push or company to start this kind of campaign.

    Nice to see that you are helping them with your hostgator scheme and all.

  3. bilal@cheapdesignerhandbags says:

    i like this post and its good to read this post …..thanks alot

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