Seven Things You Do Not Know About Me

Seven Things You Do Not Know About Me

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Ages back my dear friend Brian Hawkins tagged me in a meme where I need to write about seven things which you don’t know about me, (which probably wish I wouldn’t tell ). I was busy tweaking my theme at that time, now the thing has been settle down so let me do this meme job. Well there is a lot you can found about myself on this blogs, as say “my life is like an open book” but still there are couple of secret pages which I would like to turn now and bring to your knowledge. Before I start let me tell you that this is the first time I’m trying this meme thing, so be cool with it, but I must tell you that this is really wonderful to be a part of this, thanks again Brian for tagging me.

[1] I have come a long long way baby

Life was never been a bed of roses for me, since my childhood I struggle a lot for even small basic things. I’m the lovable youngest kid among four brothers and one sister. I belong to a very small village in India and nearly eight years back when I landed on this most beautiful city of India Chandigarh, I had only Rupees 1500 [ equivalent to US$38] in my pocket and after hardship and struggle of eight years I build an assets of approximately US$50000. Its not something very big but I pat my back for achieving this because I know there a time in my life when I was struggling for day meal. There is still a long long way to go (before I sleep).

[2] And they named me “Love Guru”

I love to see when people calls me The dot Com Guru,  This is a title given by me to myself, I’m a self proclaimed dot Com Guru and I wish to be refer by this title, but when I was in college my friend who were in love usually discussed there love problems with me and look for answers. Even I felt surprised when I found myself able to understand their love problem and sort it out in no time. The reason why they called me Love Guru was also that at that time I usually surrounded with some beautiful Indian girls. (Oh those were the days).

[3] I tired my hands at various form of Art

I’m a jack of all trade whether it’s painting, cartooning, caricaturing, singing, dancing, Voice over, Dubbing, Anchoring, Radio Jockeying poetry and writing novels and short stories. After attempting to all these forms of art and after reading some of John Chow’s best post  I decided that blogging is the thing where I have to claim my stake and so far with the support from all you guys I think am “Doing Good” in it. Nearly a decade ago I wrote a short story “Broken Wings”. Marlene once requested it. Finally I have decided to give it to you for your delight.

Here you can download “BROKEN WINGS” (a fictional love story)

Here you can read some of my Hindi Poems if you wish (there is language translator active)

Here you can watch my Media Videos

[4] Am a finance Guy and not a Tech Geek

There are several articles on this blog which explains about how to deal with Search Engine Optimization, Installing WordPress, Tweaking Themes, playing with Plugins but PHP and HTML is not my thing, am a qualified Finance Accountant and before starting blogging in 2007 I never even heard about these stuff. But again there nothing in this world that you can command if you really have passion, willing to do hard work and have that zeal to learn. I feel like Geeky, there is a fully loaded Geek inside me.

[5] Shanker Bakshi is not my real name

My real name refers to something “Heavy Mythological Thing”. When I was in school and even in college people used to make fun of my name. So the first thing I did after passing out was to change my name to shanker Bakshi. Shanker is the god of destruction, and Bakshi is my surname. According to google I’m the third most famous shanker in this world. Thanks Google for giving me that place.

[6] My wife never reads my blog post.

But she is nice and supports me from the bottom of her heart. What Shivani (My Wife) thinks about blogging is that this is something I’m passionate about and I working hard to earn a big name in this field. I know she wish to see me on the top of the world. Once I asked her; hey Shivani could you please help me dropping 300 Entrecard daily to promote my blog in my niche?

[7] I still love to watch Cartoon on Television

And my favorite show on television is Pink Panther, they say there is a kid inside every one of us, by the time you grow up you lost that kid in this complicated world. But I’m lucky that kid is still alive in me, not only I love to watch Cartoon on Television I also play with them on the street. I am waiting for the day when my 5 years old son Aditya Sharma will play and dance with me.

I guess I have unwrapped myself enough. Brian I must tell you I love to do this and sorry for the delay. Let me Tagged seven people but before that all of you must know the rules for this meme :-

  • Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged.

I’m finished, let me lock my seven in this series:

[1] Marlene - I know you love to do Memes, you have done so many can you please do this one for me.

[2] Amor - You write so many thing about yourself let us know some untold secrets about you this time.

[3] Michael Aulia - Hey buddy speak up some inside scoop about you. Will you?

[4] Luis Torres - I don’t know much about you dear, share some secrets.

[5] Dennis Edell - You escaped from Brian’s list let me trap you here.

[6] Nilo Evangelista – How can I forget you my graphical genius.

[7] Billy Boxer Girl – where are you Nikky ? Lets fill in your about me page section with this meme.

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About Shanker Bakshi

Shanker Bakshi is the founder and editor of Net Profit Mantra - How to Blog with WordPress and Make Money Online. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter , Facebook, Google+ .


  1. Oh, my, this must be the most serious tag I’ll ever do. I will try my best. Thanks for the “Broken Wings”, I’ve downloaded it and will be reading it soon.

    Your life story is very interesting and touching. You’re a determined person and you have strong will to reach your dreams.

    Thanks for tagging me…

  2. Now I know how rich you are, bro. Thanks for not tagging me but you’re still the most famous Shanker in my heart. LOL


    • Ha Ha i only disclosed what is maximum allowed under Indian Income Tax Law. No fear.

      I can “forgive” you by not tagging you as i know you are pretty busy at retire [@] 21 and TSB these days. Keep rocking bro.

  3. Thanks for spitting out your true identity, Shanker. Now, we’re knowing your better than before!

    PS: By the way, my girlfriend also didn’t read my websites/blogs as well, as she think it’s better for her to spend the free time doing the nail polishing than reading blogs…lol

  4. And eight :
    - One of the better helpful person who can be one of “The Best” if wishes or may be “The Best”.

  5. It’s very interesting to get to know a little bit of real you. Thanks for that :)

  6. Thanks for the tag Shanker, and for revealing something we don’t know much about you. Marlene is right, your life story is very interesting.

    I will also try my best to answer this tag when I have time. Some untold secrets? I wish I could tell. :)

  7. Now I know a little bit about you. How about you post some of your latest photos for us on next post. It will be great to know who’s the man behind the blog

    • Would you please care to read “About Me” section of this blog Blinkky. For you and all my readers i have added a new “recent photos” feature on home page. thanks for your valuable advise.

  8. Mota Bhai !

    Wish you could write Seven Things I Do Not Know About you…. seriously i am waiting … for your good sake … on my gmail account.

    baaki maaja maan choon.

    for us all..

  9. I thought Shanker is your real name! :) Ugh..why did you have to tag me

    Not sure if one day I’ll write a post about myself like this though. No promises but I’ll try :)

  10. Hi Shanker?

    Now I don´t know how to call you, lol. Thanks for the tag. Now I guess my biggest problem will be to find another poor oops, mean lucky people to tag, lol.

    I am currently with a lot of task undergoing most of thm due to my recent layoff from my full time job, but now that I hava a lot more time I will try my best to do it soonest as possible.


  11. Thoroughly enjoyed the post. You are quite interesting, browsed through your channel and found video… is that a TV channel you worked for ?


  12. “God of Destruction!”

    That’s awesome, kind of like when Homer Simpson changed his name to “Max Power”


  13. Shankar,

    It was nice to know more about you. I have been visiting your blog from over year now. I am surprised to know that this is not your name.

    It was very nice post…

  14. Hey Shanker,
    Thanks for sharing the seven things… So what was your real name? :)

    And $38 to $50K seems to be a decent ride man…even if you have disclosed only part of the latter.

  15. Wow Shanker, I can’t believe I completely missed this post. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Thank you for doing the post. I should go back and check the others. Great job, it’s always nice to know your friends a little better.


  1. [...] money online mixed with his personal ramblings. Through this meme, I’ve learned a bit of the Dot com Guru and how he (seriously) elaborated the interesting facts about him. Thanks to you, Shanker, for now [...]

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