Top 5 Clickbank Products You Should Promote Right Now

Top 5 Clickbank Products You Should Promote Right Now

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Last week I gave a tool which help you find A Profitable ClickBank Product To Promote. Fining right profitable product is the key to success at ClickBank. For understanding Clickbank here is the post that explain basics of ClickBank affiliate marketing.

I am giving you today 5 Top notch product that you should promote to rake in BIG money. These are based on ClickBank product gravity (Gravity is simply a weighted number of affiliates who have sold at least one product over the last 8 weeks). So it’s pretty obvious that If many affiliates  are promoting these products, and making sales, then there is a good chance that it coverts well and you could do well with these hot ClickBank products.

Here is the list of Top 5 Clickbank product that you should promote right now to take advantage. All the best. If you find any difficulty in finding these products on ClickBank site, please do mention it in comment below. We will try to help you in every possible way.

My personal favorite is Anil Singal’s Commission Domination which is working great for me.

1. Income Hybrid 3in1 Software Suite
World's First Traffic & Sales Automation Software Suite Using Facebook. Hot Conversion With *5.23 Per Hop* and A Recurring Conversion Of 45%! Get Paid For Life
2. Commission Domination by Anik Singal & Andrew X
This is the hottest product on ClickBank right now. Providing Excellent value, super high conversion and massive EPC's of $8.05! One of the Best Software packages you've seen, and guess what it's from Anik Singal -The best internet and affiliate marketer of our time.
3. Chronic Commissions
Check this out -Chronic Commissions. ClickBank's BestSeller. Top Affiliates are seeing $2 - $4 EPC's, Including All-non IM Traffic. Kick off your shoes. Interesting stuff - So grab your beverage of choice, and soak in your first and last experience..With a former half baked homeless couch surfer.
4. Google Sniper 2.0
This one is really a kick ass product to promote. Just Launched! George Brown Returns With His *Infamous* Zero Traffic Blueprint... Make A Huge $374+ Per Sale On The #1 Converting IM Product. 2 Upsells (Both Converting at 1 in 3) Plus Recurring Commisions For Life.
5. Point.Click.Commissions by Steven James & Michael Turner
Recently Launched! The hottest offer on CB right now. Top Affiliates seeing $1 - $2.45 Epc's & First upsell converting at over 60%! Quality Product & Top Notch Email & Phone support for customers.
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  1. Chronic commissions to mere liye achha chala. Made quite good sales for chronic commissions. Anik Singal’s products are not quite worth the value. His commission domination is not worth anything.
    The software is web based,, which sets up a wordpress blog for you. NOTHING MORE.
    There are 3 more upsells which got me mad. So far I am not promoting it.

    Income hybrid has given me good sales too.

  2. Well, I have never used Anik’s products before but he seems to be a good guy. I’m going to do some promotion on incomehybrid

  3. Ok I just added a banner of incomehybrid on and hope that’s targeted enough to trigger some sales

  4. i am promoting Chronic Commissions….

  5. nice post to judge all these things. nice and useful post to get best from all.

  6. good stuff, shanker, i always check on WF forums before promoting products so i can know if they are scams, hype products or quality.

  7. Never tried my hand with affiliate marketing, though this one have great potential.

    I am planning to try this in 2012 and in that year be ready to get bouncer of our question.

    By the way there is one small spelling mistakein first para. Fining = Finding.

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