What Is Keyword And Why A Blogger Should Care About It?

What Is Keyword And Why A Blogger Should Care About It?

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People put different words in search engine when they make search about any specific product or service. The idea is to write the article or post on your blog using some specific words or keywords to rank high in search engine results for that particular targeted keyword.

Keywords are a list of words and phrases that help search engines index your website, they are part of the hidden HTML code called Meta tags.

Reality -seo

A word used by a search engine in its search for relevant Web pages


So it is very important that you should use some specific words in your blog post to be rank high in search engines for that specific word or keyword. The search engine uses the keyword to decide which webpage or site is providing information related to keyword and displays result in that particular manner. So ultimately keyword becomes very critical tool to market the content available on your website or blog to various search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask or for any other search engine for that matter.

Finding out High Value Keywords

Okay, now after learning the importance of keywords we have to find out what are the tools available on internet to find valuable keywords for our post. One of best keyword search tracker is available with Wordtracker. You can use their FREE keyword suggestion tool and if you wish you can opt to join free 14 days trail for just $1. In return you will get:

  • How to create your first list of money-making keywords.
  • How to build a basic, traffic-generating keyword strategy..
  • How to avoid the biggest SEO blunders made by most people.
  • Four simple ways to optimize your web content.
  • The right way to use Pay-Per-Click
  • How to find profitable new niche markets..
  • How to get external links that will promote your site for free.

Keyword Management with WordPress -All in one SEO Plugin

If you don’t want to do search and all before writing every article on your blog then just install this WordPress Plugin and it will take care your keyword related worries.  This is the most popular Plugin for your WordPress Blog. It will help you manage your Meta Tag Title keyword for specific post. Title of your post is important for search engines and with “All in one SEO Plugin” you can choose fancy title for your post and interestingly the Meta Tag of that post can be something else a search engine keyword oriented.

Learn about “All in One SEO Plugin” HERE.

Download and install “All in One SEO Plugin HERE.

Now let’s end this post giving a practical example

Take this example of iphone launch in India. It was launch on 21st August midnight, so it was the right time to write a post about iphone 3G as there would be a majority of people searching for this particular keyword in various search engines.

Let’s check with our Wordtracker which are the most searched about terms in search engine after launch of iphone in India.

Now if you look at the list above iphone in India is the top keyword related. Now let’s see who comes on the top of search result when we put this phrase in Google search box. Following is the top result page.

Click to enlarge the image

Now if you click on first result of this search you will see yourself that the guy on top place has very smartly used this keyword “iphone in India’ in his article. Here is the screen shot of article with keyword “iphone in India” highlighted.

Click to enlarge the image

So this is as sample to grab the top position in organic search results of various search engines. But please do remember don’t fill in up your article full of targeted keyword, make sure the keyword should not disturb the tone of that article and it should be use in article again and again without any purpose just to enhance the chance of search results.

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  1. Great tips on this. SEOs are often the asset to many websites. This are the source that they get most of their organic traffic from.

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    Anyway, haven’t you upgraded to Platinum SEO which is the successor to All In One SEO?


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